Danya Schwertleger May 05, 2015 18:28

So who's Schwerty? It's taken us 6 months to find out about this lone ranger. We started stalking his photos at the end of 2014 due to his ability to capture dramatic scenes through his lenses. We definitely thought that he lived a Supersaturated lifestyle. So consequently did the usual stalking tactics of chasing him down on facebook and spying from a distance! Early 2015 and we collided on instagram... it's been bliss ever since!

This is what we've found out about him, apart from the huge smile he has on his face 90% of the time, his mum's a Buddhist and he's inherited some of her chilled ways.

He's an award winning photographer and award winning film-maker focussing on documenting surf and adventure sports with a love for travelling the globe and keeping his smile planted fully on his face.

Schwerty's photographs have been published in a heap of on-line and print publications including; Carve, Magic Seaweed, Wavelength.

The film 'The Hunt for Hipmosama' that he was the principal film-maker for won the prestigious 'Best British Film' at the 2014 London Surf Film Festival where it also premièred.

Born in Switzerland in 1995 by the age of 2 he had lived in 4 countries. Since then he spent many years in a Buddhist monastery where his mother lived, moving to the UK as a teenager to continue his education. he has been fortunate to travel the world which has been his most important education, learning about cultures from as far afield as the USA, Indonesia, Tanzania, Brazil and Morocco. Schwerty is currently living in Newquay, Cornwall, just above Fistral Beach from where he has been developing his creative passion for surf and adventure.