Back Packer Banter - Blogger and Beachbum and Surfer May 05, 2015 00:00


My names Chris and  I'm a surfer by nature, a photographer by trade, traveller by choice, 26 years old and from Devon in the UK - although these days I'm living out of a backpack!

My surfing has spurred on my travelling and I've visited a whole heap of crazy places which I'm sure I wouldn't have even considered without it driving me. Combined with my photography degree its sent me off on an eclectic (ooo check out that big word!) mix of trips which result in a mash of cultures, landscape and beautiful blue waves - with heaps of chaos, calm and banter in equal measure!

After spending a year in Australia living in a van in 2009 that I put a bed in I decided that I wanted to see more of the world and share my adventures.

18 months later I quit my awesome job at STA Travel in favour for a life on the road - and since then I've been enjoying heaps of adventures and I've experienced more amazing things and met more epic people than I could've ever hoped for!

and yeah, i'm addicted to my selfie stick! what did the world do before them?

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