James Price - Surfer and Surfer June 02, 2015 16:14

From an extremely young age i have always been in love with the water, it began with swimming, progressing from a grom, through to swimming at a national level, bodyboarding had always been part of my childhood as long as i can remember and have always had a passion for the beach and coastal life, at the age of 9 i was given my first surfboard.

Surfing has lead me towards other areas of interest, such as photography and adventure, always looking at new exciting ideas, planning, and executing trips wherever i can. 

 I currently work a 9-5 job in the vibrant city of bath, seeking adventure whenever possible, (it seems to always be that when your working the surf is pumping)  i am always positive and will find surf wherever and whenever, (even if its shit). i am always pushing my own limit when i surf and aim to achieve a stronger more powerful performance approach learning and adapting new skills every time i enter the water. 


Surfing has become my addiction.