Mark Glendinning - Screen Printer, Brand Owner June 08, 2015 20:35


Ultimately, you never feel you are ready to do anything. The only right time to do something, is now. I spend my life rushing into things, but what alternative do you have?

Perfection doesn't exist and art is never finished. On reflection, you just have to hope the art that you did publish, reached the threshold which you thought.

If I held the believe that things needed to be perfect before they are seen, then I would still be sitting on the Supersaturated idea and I would have let slide four years worth of some of the most interesting adventures of my life. People shouldn't feel ashamed about putting themselves on the line, failing, picking themselves back up, only to have another go. If you continue this then you naturally iterate into a better idea. If you stop this cycle, then you fail yourself. I'm not ashamed of developing a brand in front of people. People need to see the personality of the brand develop, through it's failures as well as it's successes.

This is me;

I'm a screen printing, multi-media artist/engineer. I haven't found a pigeon hole for me yet, not that i am looking or wanting to limit myself within a pre made mould. Over the 4 years i've been running Supersaturated, i've leant on my project management background, whilst learning my new artistic crafts. My current interest around analog film stems from the screen printing process which uses similar techniques in developing designs to screens. I've long wanted to have my own darkroom, and with the studio now set up, i've managed to realise that goal.