Photoshoot with Malcolm Fitt Photography February 02, 2016 12:03

Corine Evans
It's been a pretty busy month this January. As Storms with names swept across the country humanising the swells, We've been sitting patiently waiting for the opportunity to work with one of the country's top lens masters. It's not often you get interest in portfolio building work from outside the Southwest but the reknowned London brand photographer, Malcolm Fitt, was introduced to us by a mutual friend. Malcolm was in search of stretching his accomplished portfolio with true British surfing lifestyle shots. So who were we to not jump at the opportunity of getting infront of the lens.

Whether it was because we mentioned we had a pretty epic looking pickup, a 'pretty' good looking team or just a mascot dog named Mille who's just pretty, i wont know why, but Malcome agreed to collaborate with us (and Northcore surf). The results are true brand quality shots, from a photographic master who can make even the slim opportunity that winter in the UK gives, a full portfolio of work. Just catch a glimpse on Malcolm's instagram feed to see more of his epic work.

For now here's a couple from the shoot. No doubt more to follow soon:
Macolm Fitt Photography
Malcolm Fitt Photography